Payment Gateways

WooCommerce POS Pro users can activate and accept payments from any installed WooCommerce gateway.
WooCommerce POS supports three payment gateways by default: Cash, Card (external EFTPOS machine) and PayPal. WooCommerce POS Pro users can activate any installed WooCommerce gateway which allows store owners to process credit card, bitcoin or over 100 other payment gateways.
An example of Payment Gateway settings in WooCommerce POS
Payment Gateways can be activated independently of WooCommerce, meaning you can accept one payment in store but you don't necessarily have to activate it on your web store. Payment order and the default payment method are also set independently so you can customise your POS checkout display.
Some gateways, such as PayPal Standard, use an external webpage to complete the payment process. If a redirect is required WooCommerce POS will open a new window. Once payment is complete you can return to the receipt and click 'refresh' to confirm the payment has been completed.
Please note: Payment Gateways in WooCommerce POS is still experimental. With 100+ gateways available I can not guarantee that everyone will work out-of-the-box. If you experience a problem processing payments please contact support and we will work with you to get your gateway working.
Last modified 2yr ago