POS Access

Using the POS Access settings, store owners can grant or remove user privileges to the Point of Sale system. By default, the roles Administrator and Shop Manager are enabled with all capabilities for using the POS. It is recommended you keep the default settings unless you are aware of the consequences. For example, granting the publish_shop_orders to the Subscribers role would be a very bad idea.

Example of POS Access settings
Figure: Example of POS Access settings
Capability Access
access_woocommerce_pos Required to access the POS frontend
manage_woocommerce_pos Required to access the POS admin settings
read_private_products Required to view products
Required to edit products and variations
read_private_shop_orders Required to view orders and receipts
publish_shop_orders Required to create new orders
list_users Required to view customers
create_users Required to create new customers
edit_users Required to update existing customers
read_private_shop_coupons Required to view coupons


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