With WooCommerce POS you can apply a discount in two ways;

  1. you can add an Order Discount, or,
  2. you can adjust the Item Price

These discounts are consistent with WooCommerce, changes to item price are done before the tax calculation and an order discount is after the tax calculation.

Order Discount Numpad
Figure: Using number pad entry to add an Order Discount

Order Discount

Clicking the Discount button at the bottom of the cart will display a field for your discount amount. This amount will be taken off the order total and it is important to note, an Order Discount does not change the Tax.

If you are using the number pad you can enter the discount as either an amount or as a percentage, eg: 20% will take 20% off the order total. The number pad also has 4 'quick keys' for applying a discount.

Figure: Item Price number pad with quick entry for discount percentage

Item Price

Clicking on the item price will allow you to alter the price on the fly. Changing the Item Price will also change the tax amount. For example, reducing the item price by 10% will also reduce the tax on that item by 10%. If you wanted to reduce the entire order by 10%, including tax, you would have to reduce each line item.

The item price number pad allows you to enter either a price, or a discount as a percentage. You will notice that items that you have placed 'on sale' in WooCommerce will display the corresponding discount in the POS cart.

Reducing the item price by a percentage using the number pad.
Figure: Reducing the item price by a percentage using the number pad

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