POS Only Products

There may be situations where you need to hide a product from either your Online store or your POS. With WooCommerce POS this can be achieved easily using the POS Visibility setting on the product edit page.

POS Visibility
Figure: POS Visibility

The default is POS & Online, this denotes products that are visible both online in your web store and in your physical store. A POS Only product will be hidden from the online web store and conversely an Online Only product will be hidden from the POS.

Additionally you will need to enable POS only products in the admin settings (added in version 0.4). Enabling POS only products will require an extra database lookup and therefore incur an small performance hit. If you are do not use POS only products it is recommended you leave this option disabled.

Enable POS Only Products
Figure: Enable POS Only Products

You can quickly see which products are visible/hidden by using the quick-links on the Products admin page:

POS Visibility Filter
Figure: POS Visibility Filter

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