Card Reader

Supported Card Readers

WooCommerce POS currently only supports non-encrypting card readers, some card readers call this keyboard emulation. Most non-encrypting card readers seem to be USB attached, we are unaware of any card readers that will work via the phone jack.

Online stores, such as NewEgg, offer many types of card readers. Please do your own research to make sure the card reader has a keyboard emulation mode and that is it compatible with your device.

Test Your Card Reader

If your card reader outputs something like the sting of characters below, then it will be compatible with WooCommerce POS.


Supported Gateways

Any gateway that uses the standard WooCommerce credit card form will be supported by WooCommerce POS. Other gateways may require some customisation to populate the card data to the correct fields. Please contact support if your non-encrypting card reader is not populating the credit card fields for your gateway.

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